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Friday 12 Year 10 Subject Selection Interviews


Thursday 15 Senior Formal

Immunisation 2016

Parental consent for immunisation

In Victoria, a consent card is provided by councils to schools. Students are required to take the cards home and have them completed and signed by their parent or guardian. Completed consent cards must be returned to the school before the student can receive immunisation.

Consent cards contain information about the vaccine, the disease protected against and possible side effects.

Parents can decline the offer of free school-based immunisation for children in their care under the age of 18, however, consent cards should still be returned (marked as ‘declined’) so authorities can collect data on immunisation coverage.

In 2016 year 7 students will be offered the following vaccines at Numurkah Secondary College

A single dose chickenpox (Vallrix/Vallivax) 16th March

A diptheria ,pertussis and tetanus booster (Boostrix) 16th March

Human human papilloma virus. (Gardasil). 3 doses are given over a 6 month period 16th March, 18th May 7th September